How to Write an Amazing Essay That Your College Professor Will Love

In college, you will write loads of essays, some more annoying and/or challenging than others. However, for each one, you can implement the same plan to write an amazing essay that your college professor will love.

When done correctly, these tips will help you write a great essay that you can be confident in and proud of. Something to garner you an excellent grade and praise and respect from your professor.

Write an Outline of What You Want Your Essay to Be About, i.e. Create a Thesis

When you map out your thesis or essay outline, you are gearing yourself up for a successful paper. The best college-level written works are those that sprang from the mind onto an outlined, tangible concept before being written entirely. You don’t want to make too many mistakes with something that matters so much to your grade; ergo, you should prepare with what you want your essay to be about and look like first and foremost.

Either Use a Unique Topic for a General Essay, or See a Debated Topic in a New, Controversial Light

When debating essays, it’s easy to just pick a side, research it on the internet, and regurgitate opinions of others without really knowing what you’re talking about. It might even earn you a good grade.

However, for the sake of your integrity, write about something you yourself are passionate about. It could be a one-off unique topic, or a controversial subject that puts your own enlightened spin on things.

Tip: Use dictaphone c-phones to transcribe your topic ideas and keep better track of what you think might make a good essay.

Use Big Words but Make Sure You Understand Them and Smoothly Incorporate Them into Your Essay

Most college students believe that, essay-wise, big words make them look smarter to their academic professors. But those big words mean zilch if you don’t know their definition and how they make your essay better or worse. Hence, the reason you should only use big words when you know what you’re talking about and how to smoothly incorporate them into your paper.

Tip: Keep a thesaurus and dictionary handy at all times.

When you finally finish your essay, take a few days away from looking at it—then come back to it. Look at it with refreshed eyes and see if there’s any way you can make it better. In college, it pays off to be an academic perfectionist.